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Attitudes to residential asbestos assessments

Attitudes to residential asbestos assessments

The Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency (ASEA) recently commissioned a report to better understand current availability and use of asbestos assessments in the residential sector. 

Asbestos assessments resulting in the compilation of an asbestos register are required in workplaces in Australia, however there is very little awareness in the community that they are also an effective way of protecting people from the risks of asbestos in their home.

The purpose of this report is to identify the current barriers to the use of asbestos assessments in the home and ways to better inform the market of the assessment services available and the benefits they provide.

The report uncovered opportunities to increase professional asbestos assessments when purchasing a home including a formal declaration on disclosure of asbestos in residential properties.  A summary from the research found:

  • Over one in ten property buyers will consider buying a property built before 1990
  • Nearly half of all renovators plan to undertake renovations on properties built before 1990
  • The concept of asbestos carries intensely negative emotions but remains part of a wider fear load
  • While home owners are aware of asbestos, detailed knowledge of asbestos in the home is lacking
  • Asbestos is typically believed to be outside the home
  • There is limited awareness that asbestos can be found under flooring
  • Nearly all home buyers and renovators believe it is important to know if asbestos is present in a home
  • Lack of understanding and how to manage asbestos can drive fear
  • Assessments could  be seen to be protecting the family’s wellbeing and offering peace of mind are strongest drivers of consideration

Master Plumbers is a member of ASEA and invites its members to provide feedback and comment on the report.

For further information and to submit your feedback, please contact:

Rod Tresidder
OHS Officer
Ph: 03 9321 0745
Mob: 0406 996 301

Click on the links below to download a copy of the report and the conference presentation on the report.

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