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The Hall of Shame: catching crimes against plumbing red handed

To make you laugh, cringe and question the meaning of existence, we are proud to present The Hall of Shame webpage, the new home for crimes against plumbing.

The mind will truly boggle at these feats of sheer madness that brazenly laugh in the face of logic. It just goes to show why it’s crucial to choose a licensed/registered plumber to do the job properly and make sure things operate with safety and efficiency as paramount concerns. 

But there is also a serious side to The Hall of Shame. Some of these images will be used as technical submissions to State regulators to support regulation and standards revisions. These photos show what our industry is up against and can help in presenting cases for review and improvement - click the image to reveal our caption.

Don't forget to send your Hall of Shame submissions to for their shot at anti-stardom. 

To join the Hall of Shame discussion and find out exactly what's wrong with these shoddy jobs, don't forget to like the Master Plumbers Facebook page with regular Hall of Shame updates every Monday.