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Non-conforming Building products

During July, Master Plumbers CEO, Ken Gardner, attended the Senate Inquiry into Non-conforming building products in Sydney. Click the link below to download the full Master Plumbers submission.

Ken spoke at the Senate Inquiry meeting held on 19 July and emphasised the importance of plumbing to the community and the impacts that failures in the regulatory system can have.

In relation to plumbing products, Ken highlighted the need to retain and enhance the Watermark approval scheme by expanding on the number of random audits to ensure that the product supplied is the same as the product tested. The scheme could also be enhanced by the introduction of “point of sale” controls.

In relation to installation, design and workmanship issues, Ken explained the need for inspection and enforcement. Whilst regulations can be improved, if there is no follow up they will be ignored.

The problem for Master Plumbers members is that they lose work to others who are willing to ignore the legal requirements and undercut legitimate businesses. Better enforcement of the requirements would improve the viability of those who seek to comply with the regulations.

Master Plumbers will continue to raise and pursue solutions for these issues on behalf of members.

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