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Become an apprentice with PAV

Pathway to a Plumbing Career

In Victoria the regulator of the plumbing industry is the Victorian Building Authority (VBA).  Information about the VBA and its role can be found on its website

To do plumbing work in Victoria you must be either:

  • Licensed by the VBA, or
  • Registered by the VBA, or
  • An Apprentice working under the supervision of a licensed plumber

To become a plumber and then be able to apply for registration an apprentice must: 

  • Complete a Certificate III Plumbing; and
  • Attend structured work placements to ensure you are proficient in the workplace; and
  • Complete the VBA’s registration exam (commonly referred to as the journeymans’ exam).

The plumbing apprenticeship is conducted over a four year period.


Undertaking an apprenticeship with PAV

As a Group Training Scheme PAV is your legal employer. PAV is responsible for all of your employment arrangements and paying you for the work you undertake.  PAV will enroll you in a Certificate III Plumbing course at a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). This may be the Master Plumbers’ own RTO or another TAFE. PAV will source work placements for you to complete the “on the job” components of your apprenticeship. These placements with a host employer may vary in length from as little as a week through to the whole of your apprenticeship. Your work placements may be changed due to the demand for labour by the host or by planned rotation to ensure that you work in all areas of plumbing during your apprenticeship.

Wages and Conditions (click to download)

How to Apply

To apply you need to supply the following information and documents:

  1. Employment Application Form
  2. An up to date resume
  3. Copies of any relevant School or RTO qualifications (eg Certificate II Plumbing Pre-apprenticeship or current Certificate III Plumbing if you have already commended your apprenticeship)
  4. A cover letter outlining why you want to undertake a plumbing apprenticeship with PAV

These documents should be scanned and emailed to or mailed to:

Plumbing Apprenticeships Victoria

PO Box 214, Brunswick  VIC 3056 

PAV recruits throughout the year so there is no “cut-off” date for applications.